Managed Technical Services

Flexible Solutions to Scale as Your Business Grows

Managed Technical ServicesPCS supports your business goals by delivering flexible managed technical services. We promise to deliver solutions that meet your IT requirements now, while being scalable to grow with your SAP enterprise system.

We know how precious time is for top management. We also realize that your business needs a solid IT infrastructure running optimally 24/7/365. With our managed IT solutions there’s no need to worry about maintaining your computer network. You leave that to us, so you can focus on what you do best...growing your business.

With our managed technical services, we make it possible for our customers to outsource high-quality SAP technical administration and support from our expert team of SAP consultants based here in the US. With our managed technical services, your management team can focus on the strategic aspects of your core business while leaving the technical details in our capable hands. Our team will keep your network running predictably, securely, and at optimal performance.

Our Managed Service Options Include:

  • IT Support of a single landscape or full support for your entire enterprise environment
  • Out-sourcing your SAP administration
  • Short-term coverage for staff on leave and/or after-hours support
  • Part-time coverage to reduce the expense of a full-time employee
  • Proactive site monitoring and technical guidance for optimal performance
  • Troubleshooting technical problems or operational issues for immediate resolution
  • Detailed System Performance Reporting & Analytics (customized for your operations)
  • Regular database & operating system maintenance: (maintenance, database back-up and recovery, mitigation of security breaches)

There is never “one packaged solution” with our managed technical services. We work with your team to support you where you need it most.

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